Pasture Prospect Market Beef

2004 Briggsdale Classic
Open Jackpot Show

On Friday, July 9th, 2004 an estimated 120 people attended the 1st ever Pasture Prospect Market Beef Show at the 2nd Annual Briggsdale Classic Open Jackpot Show.

There are a couple of reasons this show was such a huge success. First, this was a Non-Fitted Show—no wash racks, no clipping—just bring your steers and heifers and have fun!

Secondly, each animal was ultra sounded at weigh-in. Colorado State University Animal Science Meats Department administered and collected the ultrasound data. Special thanks to Dr. John Scanga and his fine crew from CSU. The data was tabulated based on yield grade and then ranked accordingly.

Cory Gilbert, who graduated from Northeastern Junior College and will be attending CSU this fall, was our beef and lamb show ring judge. Cory’s major is Animal Science.

There were 38 steers competing with 31 exhibitors entered in the jackpot side of the pasture prospect market beef show.

There were also 28 exhibitors who competed in the showmanship portion for chances to win belt buckles and garment bags. Also, on the showmanship side of the show entrants were asked to take a generalized meat quality assurance test, the high score from the market beef side was the winner of a gift certificate from one of this year’s sponsors.

On the jackpot side there were 7 classes and Cory Gilbert picked the 1st thru 3rd place winners of each class. He was then asked to place all 7 first place winners. Those placement results were then given to the CSU ultrasound crew to put the yield grade data ranking on each of those 7 animals. When the results were added together, the lowest 2 scores were the winners of the Overall Grand & Reserve selections. There were also awards given to the top 2 ultrasound animals.

This year’s addition of the pasture prospect market beef show to the Briggsdale Classic far exceeded the committee’s expectations and the committee is looking forward to what next year brings. The Briggsdale Classic Committee would like to thank everyone who participated and supported this year’s beef show and hope you would join us again next year!

The results of the Pasture Prospect Market Beef Show from the 2004 Briggsdale Classic is listed below:

Results—Friday, July 9th, 2004

Market Beef Showmanship

(28 exhibitors)

Senior Beef Showmanship Champion — Jason Johnson of Longmont, Co. (Buckle sponsored by Cornish Vet Service c/o Dr. Ben Brown, DVM)

Senior Reserve Beef Showmanship Champion — Donessa Gaspar of Pine Bluffs, Wy. (Embroidered Garment Bag)

Intermediate Beef Showmanship Champion — Danielle Zehnder of Fort Lupton, Co. (Buckle sponsored by Jordan Cattle Company c/o Emmett & Carrie Jordan)

Intermediate Reserve Beef Showmanship Champion — Clay Johnson of Longmont, Co. (Embroidered Garment Bag)

Junior Beef Showmanship Champion — Sterling Zehnder of Fort Lupton, Co. (Buckle sponsored by Ogallala Livestock Auction)

Junior Reserve Beef Showmanship Champion — TJ Allmer of Briggsdale, Co. (Embroidered Garment Bag)

Meat Quality Assurance Test Winner — Clark Tappy of Greeley, Co.

Gift Certificate from Country Corner Feed & Pet Winner — Kelsie Enderson of Grover, Colorado

Show Stick Award Winners (4) — 1) Clark Tappy of Greeley, Co. 2) Sterling Zehnder of Fort Lupton, Co., 3) Steven Weigandt of Platteville, Co. 4) Meghan Thormodsgard of Briggsdale, Co. (sponsored by Kip & Tammy Konig)

Ultrasound Grand Champion (Ultrasound fees paid to CSU by Croissant Red Angus & Allmer Farm & Ranch) — AJ Adams of Grover, Co.

Ultrasound Reserve Champion — Meghan Thormodsgard of Briggsdale, Colo.

Pasture Prospect Market Beef Classes

38 animals shown by 31 exhibitors — Classes listed by exhibitor and animal ID#)

  • Class 1 1) Mirriam Altman #97 2) Ericka Carlson #1243 3) Emma Adams #1029
  • Class 2 1) AJ Adams #133 2) Mirriam Altman #98 3) Matthew Dent #83
  • Class 3 1) Donessa Gaspar #2537 2) Clay Johnson #1013 3) Sterling Zehnder #1283
  • Class 4 1) Ericka Carlson #1242 2) Justin Brassington #1240 3) Rebecca Brickman #84
  • Class 5 1) Brandon Fritz #1294 2) Katie Larson #1063 3) Katie Larson #1064
  • Class 6 1) Ben Fritz #1047 2) Lauren Wacker #1085 3) Ben Fritz #1044
  • Class 7 1) Jason Johnson #1008 2) Clark Tappy #1099 3) John Cottrel #893

Overall Pasture Prospect Market Beef Ring Championship

(1st place animals from each class)

  • 1) Donessa Gaspar #2537 of Pine Bluffs, Wyo.
  • 2) Ben Fritz #1047 of Greeley, Co.
  • 3) Brandon Fritz #1049 of Greeley, Co.
  • 4) Mirriam Altman #97 of Fort Collins, Co.
  • 5) Ericka Carlson #1242 of Roggen, Co.
  • 6) Jason Johnson #1008 of Longmont, Co.
  • 7) AJ Adams # 131 of Grover, Co.

Ultrasound Results

(1st place animals from each class)

  • 1) AJ Adams #131 / 1.0 YG
  • 2) Mirriam Altman #97 / 1.6 YG
  • 3) Donessa Gaspar #2536 / 1.7 YG 4) Jason Johnson #1008 / 2.4 YG
  • 5) Ericka Carlson #1242 / 2.8 YG 6) Ben Fritz #1047 / 3.1 YG
  • 7) Brandon Fritz #1049 / 3.2 YG

Overall Grand Champion Pasture Prospect Market Beef

  • Donessa Gaspar (Championship Ring placement 1st + Ultrasound 3 = 4 * lowest score)

($150 sponsored by Konig Farms c/o Jim & Janet Konig)

Overall Reserve Champion Pasture Prospect Market Beef

  • Mirriam Altman (Championship Ring placement 4th + Ultrasound 2 = 6 *2nd lowest score)

($100 sponsored by Colorado Land Associates c/o Douglas D. Stolte)